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Travis Chastain

Classical Guitarist & Teacher


Solo Performances

Francisco Tarrega - Gran Jota: Intro
Travis Chastain
Francisco Tarrega - Gran Jota: Theme and Variations
Travis Chastain
Fernando Sor - Grand Solo: Into
Travis Chastain
Fernando Sor - Grand Solo: Theme
Travis Chastain

Ensemble Performances

The Brook

Composed by Hannah Green / Words by Alfred Tennyson

Sarah Cambidge-Chastain, Soprano

Travis Chastain, Guitar

"The Brook" is a beautiful poem written by Lord Alfred Tennyson. Soprano Sarah Cambidge and guitarist Travis Chastain (both Alumni of the University of Denver) commissioned the poem to be set to music. Throughout the piece, the juxtaposition of life and death, consistency and change is represented by contrasting different timbres of voice and guitar. It is also represented with a change in time signature using both duple and triple meter, and by rhythmically placing two notes against three. The piece moves through three different stages of life—beginning, middle, and end—then cycles back to the beginning. "For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever."    - Hannah Greene Program Notes

Os Tres (The Tree or The Trio)

Composed by Hannah Greene
Violin - Kendra Camargo
Guitar - Travis Chastain
Pandeiro - Felicia Behm

The idea behind the music for Os Tres was to juxtapose different sounds and effects on very different instruments. A bowed violin compared to the plucked strings of a guitar and the slapping of the pandeiro. This contrast of plucking, tapping, slapping and bowing is unified in this fun, dancing, and rhythmic melody inspired by Brazilian music.  - Hannah Greene