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Music and performing can help in all aspects of life from presenting yourself in a professional manner to developing a strong work ethic. I truly believe that with time and effort anyone can learn, no matter their background or experience level! 


Whether you are an aspiring professional or an absolute beginner, Travis's acoustic guitar studio can help you to play the music you want with freedom and ease, while having fun doing it! I offer the first acoustic guitar lesson free as a complimentary introduction into my courses. Contact me today to signup for the best free acoustic guitar lessons Denver has to offer! Let's begin this musical journey today!

Proper Technique

Note Reading & Music Theory


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"We have been with Travis for just over a month now. It has turned into a terrific experience for us, especially my son who has been studying classical guitar for a couple of years. Travis is very, very good. We have already recommended him to others."

-Virginia W.

"Travis did a great job. Made me feel very at ease and was very encouraging. He is passionate about the guitar and that passion is contagious! I came away educated and inspired and more confident in my playing ability. He has a great eye for detail."

-Brad R.

"Travis is an excellent instructor, very patient and thorough, which I appreciated as an absolute beginner in classical guitar. I would recommend him to anyone, beginner or advanced, who is seeking a customized lesson plan with a professional teacher."

-Julia B.


4340 E. Kentucky Avenue

Glendale, CO 80246


Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 7:30pm

Sat: 9:00am-5:00pm

Sun: Closed


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